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[Needs Improvement] Builder Verification/application
Hello everyone!! My names Sam, in game name 77awake77. Can't wait to join the community and start building! I've been building since I was a teen and now I'm 20 and I really wanna be a part of a server again to which I was a part of one once. In that creative server I built a mansion and it eventually got deleted with an update, I stopped playing the game for a while. But now I'm really excited to play on the server of the man who really helped me with my creative talent and abilities in Minecraft! 

Here is the link for my pictures:     The first link didn't work so hopefully this one does! If not my username is SamuelJMuller77

just wanted to say the link is not working.
We die a life long

I have to say your buildings are not up to our standard yet sorry. The gas station looks good and you are on good way imo. Be sure to take a look at irl buildings for inspiration and also check out our traditional warps on the server. 
I suggest you to build another house or two then and apply again (with some more interior shots please). Smile
We die a life long


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