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  Builder App
Posted by: hz ! - Today, 07:16 AM - Forum: Apply for builder here - No Replies

hey ! this build took like 2-3 days to make  and its by far my best build so far.

link: https://imgur.com/gallery/V2LER4i

ign: 75hz

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  Builder application
Posted by: iMissMostShots - 14-Nov-2019, 06:33 PM - Forum: Apply for builder here - Replies (1)




pls approve Lmao. 

Have a great day

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Lightbulb Mod Application
Posted by: LungMuffin - 12-Nov-2019, 01:05 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (1)

Hey all its LungMuffin of Kony2020 here.

While I am relatively new I feel I have gained the skills in order to mod this server. Throughout my life my mother has always told me how good my leadership skills are, and i believe her cause my mom isnt a fucking liar. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a bitch and will be addressed as such (ie "Hello Bitch cclout, nice weather we are having today"). Now my mod application will not be normal in the sense I will provide my qualifications. Instead I will state in every way that I am statistically better than CT1637. I genuinely believe he is a horrible mod and, even more than that, a horrible person. Here is why.

I. I am not scared of black people
It is a little known fact, but CT1637 is afraid of black people. This does not mean he is racist, as he does not hate black people, he is just scared of them. The amount of times I have had to ask my friend Jordan to leave due to the fact that CT is afraid of him is innumerable. And this is fine, everyone has their own fears and phobias. For example I am afraid of dying alone and the world forgetting my existence, this thought pounds through my mind at night while I try to sleep to no avail. My psyche is a playground for the darkness to take control of whatever it wants. But am not afraid of black people. CT is.

II. I am not short
While he perpetuates the lie that he is 5 foot 8, I know that this kid is 5 foot 6. He likes to go around and tell everyone that he is a tall man, but in actuality he is a short boy. He even wears shoes with large soles in order to look taller, but we all know his true height. He is known throughout our hometown as "the manlet". On the other hand, I am a full man. Standing at 6 foot exactly, I tower over CT. When he looks upon me, its like a long lost child looking at his father for the first time. I am a unit. CT is a decimal.

III. My dick is bigger
'Nuff said. Snake gang  

IV. I am smarter
The other night CT tried to tell me he was smart because he was offered to join honors math classes. What CT doesnt want you to know is that he didnt take those classes. I did. Not only that but I had a 4.0 in high school, an achievement CT can not boast about. He also thought apostrophe was pronounced ASTROFITE. 

V. This kid is ALWAYS EATING
This fucking dude, every fucking night, will say when I @ him in discord "I am eating". He will then spend up to 3 hours "eating" before he ever responds back to me. I cant STAND CT. We all know your jerking your ding dong, John. I can see right thru your bullshit. Your technique is messy 2/10.

There are many more reasons, but I think If i added anymore I would be overqualified. Next time you hear from me I will have the mod tag. Clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose. Snake gang motherfuckers.

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  Joshen and Timdb
Posted by: TheBlockinator1 - 11-Nov-2019, 09:44 PM - Forum: Server Ban - No Replies

Swastika / Innapropriate builds.

No appeal; you're not worth our time and effort.

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  Wok Builder Application
Posted by: LavaCreeps - 11-Nov-2019, 04:13 PM - Forum: Promoted builders - Replies (1)

Hope you like the homes!



- Lavacreeps

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Posted by: LavaCreeps - 10-Nov-2019, 05:09 PM - Forum: Apply for builder here - Replies (1)

You need 2 builds? Right?

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Thumbs Up Builder Application [Improved Attempt]
Posted by: KennyW99x - 10-Nov-2019, 12:25 AM - Forum: Promoted builders - Replies (1)

IGN : KennyW99
improvement from my last application, drew this up from scratch, enjoy!
mind the shoddy interior its hard to get creative without world edit or custom blocks xD


the whole gallery is one house as ive just made an imgur account

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  Builder Application
Posted by: Linsy - 06-Nov-2019, 01:12 PM - Forum: Promoted builders - No Replies


(second build in second video was originally completed but I lost the progress when I had to rollback the save when the world became corrupted)

(very old builds)



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Star Wok Builder Application
Posted by: veganvampire - 06-Nov-2019, 05:28 AM - Forum: Needs improvement - Replies (1)

Interiorclick me 1--  click me 2

Exteriorclick me 3 -- click me 4 -- click me 5

Thank you for your time.  Big Grin

Username: TheVeganVampire

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  Builder Application
Posted by: KennyW99x - 05-Nov-2019, 03:35 PM - Forum: Needs improvement - Replies (1)

IGN: KennyW99

Would say I like to build more modern and minimalistic styles, houses apartment blocks etc.
I use to be a regular user on this server around 5 years ago but I stopped playing pc for a long time.
Below I have attached a link to my PMC Account which I can verify is mine (as most of the builds ive made in the past few month of singleplayer have corrupted) if you do not feel this is good enough I will make up a new build from scratch, but you will find a lot of various builds over the years on my PMC account, not to mention a collaboration build I did with xumial years ago also featured on keralis' inspiration series.

Keralis Inspiration Series Video

take note ive had to change my name from Kenny_Minecraft to KennyW99 recently as Mojang could not recover my old account, but yet again my PMC will prove that.

[UPDATE] as requested, made a fresh build tonight, hope this is good enough for you, mind the shoddy interior its hard to be creative without world edit or custom blocks XD 

LINK : https://kennyw99.imgur.com/all/

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