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World of Keralis Build Team Registration
Teams Information & Requirements:

To register a team and receive a tab in-game like [uP] [dB] or [TBS] and possibly more cool features in the future, you the owner must meet the following criteria:
  • You must be at leat [AdvBuilder]
  • You must have shown a level of maturity and dedication to the server the past few months.
  • You must have a very good standard of building in your most comfortable building style.
Your team must have:
  • A minimum of 5 members
  • At least 5 collab builds within your team. Collabs must be fully complete
  • Plans to build your team HQ. A mega build in the upcoming 2021 map office district. 
  • If your team becomes inactive it will be disbanded after a period of time. 
Registration format:
  • Team Name:
  • Team Acronym (2-3 letters):
  • Team Owner:
  • Team Members:
When registering your team please follow the above format and make sure you meet criteria mentioned above.
Good luck!
[Image: 3vbQi.gif]

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