Ban Appeal
  • Username for minecraft or for Discord: TurtleJosh52
  • Date of Ban: 6/9/2020
  • Why should you be unbanned: I was banned from your Minecraft server. However, I did not do anything. I was falsely banned. I want to be unbanned because I have not harmed anyone else.

    I would like a new account to log on to. My account in the ban list is still active. I did not know about this ban until 3 days ago.

    Here is the technical summary for the ban:

    I was playing my MC server in your minecraft server. I would get positive friend invites and become friends with many of the players. Then, suddenly, I would receive a new friend invite from someone I did not know. This friend invite does not indicate that I had actually contacted this person at the time of the friend invite. This is extremely unusual because I have always been chatty with everyone.

    After a couple days of receiving these friend invites, I began to receive comments about "this new friend invites that you haven't seen before."

    Then, one day, I get an "invite" from this player that is a single sentence, "Darling, we can play together in minecraft. What do you think?" This person never
    followed up.

    The next day, this player calls and says "We're playing again tomorrow (in the morning). Can you bring your friend?" I ended up being bored so I didn't even give them a chance to introduce themselves. I just accepted the invite. This is what I did:

    Accepting the friend request:

    Accepting the invite:

    One day, I show up to the room and see that my buddy is playing together. I get excited and say "So how many guys are there?" The guy says, "It's 16, but there's one free." I asked him what to do with him so I could recruit him to do what he was doing. He says "Take him, his friend, and his friend's friend and
    go get food."

    I say "Cool, who's the one? I'm the only guy. What do you guys have to do?" and I say "no, we're going to go work on our balls. This guy is already up there playing. If I go down there and stay up there, I'm sitting down."

    He looked at my account, and next thing I knew, I was banned.
Your last ban appeal was denied. Here's the proof for your ban :

Appeal denied
[Image: 3vbQi.gif]

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