Ban appeal June 5th
Good afternoon. This ban appeal is to being un-unbanned from the ban of yesterday. If you saw June 5th private messages, 2-3 pm, you could see I was talking to Builder+ Ominmous_Potato. This build was saw in the web page Archdaily for the first time, so I started to build, but then when Ominmous_Potato came to my build, he asked me to tap to his build. He then private messaged me. I said to him that what do I do, since my build looked like his. He said me that what I should do is probably to change where things are located and maybe change the materials, I said thank to him and continued building. I started to change the materials, but then I decided to erase it since it looked like Ominmous_Potato build. There is when Mod TheEvilEnderman came to my plot. He spawned again my build, but I told him please no. Then what happened is that I continued building another box build, and there is where I got banned.
I hope this simplified version worked. I hope it gets accepted.

Best regards, TheDataMaster
Hi data,

I spoke with om, and it is true he told you you could change the materials etc, however, it turned out more like his househouse after this. The time I saw the build before yesterday, I never noticed you mentioning om's name at any point, however yesterday you admitted to taking inspiration from Om with it.

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt here, and reduce your ban to just 2 days, as I still feel there was some aspect of malicious intent


Thank you Mr. Ender.

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