Unwarranted banning
I am aware of why I was banned originally. I used a racial slur that shouldn't have been used on this server. Although I was already punished by getting a mute, I was later banned for 1 day without any notice. This ban is definitely unwanted but reasonable. However my other 2 bans make no sense and I haven't even been told a true reason behind them. My ban first got extended to 30 days and then it became permanent. No staff member informed me about the reason for these bans or showed me proof of why they were necessary. I would one, like to see proof showing why I should be banned and two, I would appreciate an unban. These bans should be lifted due to poor communication between staff members and player (myself) about my "wrongdoings". The topic of me getting banned was truly one-sided and favored only one party that was at hand: I did not get a chance to explain myself or even get a true understanding of why I was banned.
Unwarranted banning - OK fair enough, people make mistakes and it's always good to hear both sides of the story.

Proof? Oh ok ... Enjoy the read. And before you get to the bottom: APPEAL DENIED.
Quote:TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[05:59:32] [Async Chat Thread - #10/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: you b***h a** n***a
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[05:59:36] [Async Chat Thread - #10/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: ill murk you [Translation: I will kill you]
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:23:31] [Async Chat Thread - #12/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: the tone you referred to me in was really disrespectful

Really? Are we going to have to go there...
Quote:TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:26:08] [Async Chat Thread - #12/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: a rule i was unaware of
Not our problem. Should of read the /rules
Quote:TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:32:43] [Async Chat Thread - #13/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: yall some lame ah jtis
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:33:10] [Async Chat Thread - #13/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: f*q deez n*s talm bout
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:37:27] [Async Chat Thread - #13/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: you can speak me when you're spoken to
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:37:39] [Async Chat Thread - #13/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: until then assume i am not referring to you

You don't like it when someone is disrespectful to you huh? Pot kettle black
Quote:TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:41:23] [Server thread/INFO]: tetay issued server command: /msg yamiyugi654 these n*s simpin
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:42:43] [Server thread/INFO]: tetay issued server command: /r shes a r*d
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:42:47] [Server thread/INFO]: tetay issued server command: /r i can tell
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:43:06] [Server thread/INFO]: tetay issued server command: /r nah
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:43:10] [Server thread/INFO]: tetay issued server command: /r this b*h ugly
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-4.log.gz:[06:46:46] [Server thread/INFO]: tetay issued server command: /r simp a*s n*a
Quote:TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:02:44] [Async Chat Thread - #0/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: f*k you
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:03:56] [Async Chat Thread - #1/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: all bad b*s join
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:13:04] [Async Chat Thread - #1/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: what the f*k
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:13:15] [Async Chat Thread - #1/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: these n*s g*y
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:15:08] [Async Chat Thread - #2/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: or youll be a r*d
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:16:47] [Async Chat Thread - #2/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: broke b*h
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:26:31] [Async Chat Thread - #4/INFO]:  [world] [Kakariko] [Guest]default tetay: honestly uncalled for

Really? And you call people the "r" word. Go take a look in the mirror, because if you think anything was uncalled for - If anything, you deserve any and all crap given to you.
Quote:TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:31:02] [Async Chat Thread - #4/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: im just tryna get to know her and shawty not feelin me

Because you're a prick, quite frankly.
Quote:TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[07:40:48] [Async Chat Thread - #4/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: potato f*g s*s
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[08:21:04] [Async Chat Thread - #10/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: melon you got melons?
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[08:21:08] [Async Chat Thread - #10/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: like big ones?
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[08:21:11] [Async Chat Thread - #10/INFO]: [CHAT] tetay: i need some
TownyServer/logs/2020-05-24-5.log.gz:[08:22:20] [Async Chat Thread - #10/INFO]: [TC] [Guest]tetay: f**k you n*a

N word x6 - But oh wait, you were sorry...And you didn't know the rules, let me /unban you.


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