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[Needs Improvement] Builder Application _Pugh_

I took some screenshots but this is all on a WoK guests plot so you can walk around if you'd rather.


IGN: _Pugh_

Thank you for applying!

After reviewing your builds, it seems like you have a really good understanding of juxtaposition of textures and color schemes. Your builds are very good, but my only concern is they are a little bit on the small side.

To fit in with our server, you’ll need to up your scale a little bit to match those you see around other towns. Another problem seems to be that the interiors look cramped and don’t have a realistic feel.

If you’d like, myself or another mod would be more than happy to get you a second guest plot and you could try to build a little bit bigger matching what you see in other towns. Refrain from using default Minecraft trees, instead try building your own or look at other custom trees on the server that fit your building style more. Good luck and I am excited to see what you’ll do!

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