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Matt approved - MrAnonymous Dev Application

So there’s no really a section to apply for “dev” but after much of helping Matt and getting the server new things things I feel like the server could use a dev now I’ve had experience with JavaScript for about 4 years and I can code it for minecraft, spigot, bukkit. I also have knowledge in other coding languages such ass Lua, C++, and a little bit of C#. Today the server needed heavy updating to some of the plugins and after reaching out to the WE creators I got a test build for WE and WG to fix both of them. Granted the server still needs lots of work even tho it’s not as intensive as a normal server that is not creative this server needs work só here I am applying for developer I hope I can work with the community and make the server stable enough to bring in more and more players

Thank. Anonymous

Also nick my building is beautiful

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