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[Needs Improvement] r34's builder application
Hi! I'm Anna but my ign is "yerbreathtaking". I've been building in Minecraft since the beta stages. As the summer is upon us, I am looking for a server and a community to build with. I really appreciate the time taken to view my application.

Link to all the pictures:
Hello Anna,

thank you for applying at WoK. Sadly your application is not quite up to our standards. If you want to re-apply and need inspiration, I invite you to look at builds on our server and get some fresh new ideas. If you have any questions, just ask us on the server!

I also want to address a new possibility we recently added to the server, which is guest plots. You can claim a plot at /warp guest for free, without applying. Currently, we are even offering a second plot for guests.

We look forward to see you on the server.

sylp | admin on the creative server | member since 2013 | head of uP

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