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Texture Pack Downloading Error
I've been a pretty inactive builder on WoK, so a couple of days ago I went on the server to get some inspiration. I had remembered I needed to get the new texture pack so I clicked the automatic download button. I'm not new to texture packs or anything, but I thought this automatic download would be easier. Now whenever I log on to the server, my screen has a overlay of text that reads "requesting texture pack 100%". I cannot move or get out of the screen and the pack does not load at all. 

Any suggestions would help.
Thanks, GBC5
Hi GBC5,

It sounds like a connection issue, and you may have to download the resourcepack manually.

To get round this issue for now, go to your options menu.

Go to "Video Settings"
Change Resourcepack from "prompt" to "off" (I think)

Download the resource pack and install manually. 

Let me know how you get on?

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