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[Needs Improvement] Builder Application
IGN: KennyW99

Would say I like to build more modern and minimalistic styles, houses apartment blocks etc.
I use to be a regular user on this server around 5 years ago but I stopped playing pc for a long time.
Below I have attached a link to my PMC Account which I can verify is mine (as most of the builds ive made in the past few month of singleplayer have corrupted) if you do not feel this is good enough I will make up a new build from scratch, but you will find a lot of various builds over the years on my PMC account, not to mention a collaboration build I did with xumial years ago also featured on keralis' inspiration series.

Keralis Inspiration Series Video

take note ive had to change my name from Kenny_Minecraft to KennyW99 recently as Mojang could not recover my old account, but yet again my PMC will prove that.

[UPDATE] as requested, made a fresh build tonight, hope this is good enough for you, mind the shoddy interior its hard to be creative without world edit or custom blocks XD 

The houses from your PMC account are very outdated compared to the standard we have now. I do remember you though, so if you can come on the server, take ideas and produce a house that's representative of the servers standard, then you'll likely be accepted.

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