Poll: What combat system should WOK use?
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Old system
1 33.33%
Current system
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New system
2 66.67%
Let each player chose at Spawn
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Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Vote for combat mechanics
A new season of Towny is upon us Big Grin

I wanted to re-cover some old ground in regard to the combat system WOK Towny is using.  IMO I would like to use full 1.14.4 or even the new 1.15 / 1.16 combat systems that are under development.  I know that the new combat system is HATED by all the die-hard PvP'rs out there.  I think 1.14 requires skill and timing and is an improvement.  That said; yes it has its drawbacks ... and this is why a new combat system is in development and has been posted for the MineCraft community to provide feedback.

I think that instead of living in the past; there is an opportunity for the server runners to support the newest system and lead the way.  But again this is all just my option.  Please give your thoughts and feedback now that we are all playing in a 1.14 (nerf'd world) and using 1.7 combat mechanics.  How do you like it?  Is it all you hoped... Do you think the game is better balanced because of it? 

(Lets try not to be nasty about it.  I want to know why you support one system vs the other.  Have you given all the systems a fair chance?)
Personally i think it'd be neat. Worst comes to worst we can always switch back if the community is so outraged.
For the poll, is "current system" 1.14 and "new system" what they are working on for 1.15/1.16?
Sorry for the vagueness:

1. Old system = < 1.8
2. Current system = 1.9 > 1.14.4
3. New system = 1.15 / 1.16 Snapshot >

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