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[Needs Improvement] Wok Builder Application 2.
Hello again!

I have made some changes to the house that I showed off in my last application.
I wanted to add some changes to the exterior.

Here are some pictures of the Suburban House!

Now for the other builds. These builds were just some concepts. For Example, the Ikea.
Here are some more pictures of these builds.

Thank you for your time : )
Not gonna lie... this build pretty fire :weary:
Unfortunate not wok standards in my opinion
Greatest of all time, best to ever do it
I think you should send in another house/mansion building. Im not judging the Ikea here since its a pretty simple irl build. 
Interior looks alright Id say. Exterior needs improvement tho. Be sure to get some inspiration on the server and give it a try with a second house.
Take your time and dont rush anything, the server wont run away Smile
We die a life long


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