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Let's set a date for a server party, so we can get lots of people on at once.
Is Minecraft even a thing for people anymore?
Congrats on going a full year without an update! #RipWok
Send me some kredits so I can upgrade my rank to Elite xD
WoK is dead
It's 2:24PM MST. Itsmikeandjerry is the only one online, and he needs someone to kill!!!
"Kicked Whilst connecting to towny:You are not cool enough to be whitelisted on this server!" Why?
Hey everyone, is the server really as deserted as this page displays? Been here all the way back in 1.6.8 glory days and have some thoughts of re-joining and this is just painful to see...
I Made it back in to the Server but all my progress and stuff is gone. I had spent alot of time on this server and its all lost now
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