Towny Reset

blindyTX aT Head-Admin posted Nov 21, 17

Alright guys and gals, Towny has officially reset and for the most part is was a good launch!

We hope that you come by and enjoy some time with us, we have added some new plug-ins but also kept some of the old ones that you know and love. 

Ranks are also available so just head on here to the shop. The ban list will be wiped except for a certain few who have managed to get on the _forever_ list or have managed to get banned already on this reset...

We are looking for staff that can help us promote the server more so if you think you have any ideas or the know how (making videos, graphics, banners) please hit us up!

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact staff in game or website message and even our Discord server. 

Thank you everyone who has continued to support WoK Towny.

13JAR02 unban overwolf and adam

Towny Reset Announcement

KidsSeeGhost T Admin posted Oct 31, 17

                                                                                              October 31, 2017

After a long-waited reset period, we are happy to finally announce that we will be having our reset on November 10th. We sincerely apologize for the extremely long wait and hope that with this new reset we can bring back some old faces, and also hopefully bring in some new. Also, to everyone that has helped in this reset process from participating in reset discussions to helping us with building, thank you. This community truly cherishes this server and we hope to equal that passion from here on out by bringing the best server experience WOK can offer. For future updates on the server, be sure to keep an eye on the newsfeed, and we hope to see you come reset day. 

 UPDATE:                                                                      November, 3 2017

For those still intrested, Towny will go into CHAOS tomorrow 11/4/2017.

Enjoy this towny tradition for a week while we await the official reset 11/10/2017. And yeap we will have a kit ready for you filled with only the best TNT minecraft has to offer! If you have anything to ask just let us know via msg here on the website, in game or find us on Discord. Enjoy!

_Veyron yes please
13JAR02 chaos

Hello fellow WoK players,

Over the past couple of months, I am sure you guys have noticed the server is not as lively as it has been over the years of it being in operations. Over time, as people grew and matured, they have grown away from the World of Keralis and Minecraft in general. This includes our owner Zoppp as well as Keralis himself. 

Moving forward I would like to change that and revitalize World of Keralis to be what it once was, a thriving Minecraft Community of great builders producing amazing things. With that said, Zoppp has decided to step down as owner of the World of Keralis, and I will be taking his place as the sole Owner of the server.

THERE WILL NOT BE A NAME CHANGE. The server will remain World of Keralis as a nod to the roots. I plan on taking a lot of time to figure out what we are doing right, and where we can improve.

This is not us shutting down. This is not a merger. We will remain independent. We wil be successful, but I need your help as a community. As you can imagine, running the server is not free. We rely on the donations we guys graciously give us in order to remain open. So moving forward, the staff team and I will work on revamping our donations, ensuring that it works when needed, as well as looking adding newer and more exciting things for everyone.

If you have questions or comments, please comment on this post, and I will try to address each one of them.

- Shiftmaster, World of Keralis Owner and Creative Head-Admin.

16greenp T Mod you need more active staff and more people like on youtube or a platform to advertize the server.
13JAR02 I suggest a name change
ChiefTurbo T Mod You have a youtube channel with 31k subscribers, you haven't posted a video in a looong time, I think it would be a...