Username: FinnaGetClapped
Banned date: Feb 1st I think
Banned by: Kila
Ban reason: Plagiarism
Server: Creative
Explain why you should not be banned: I copied a trad facade from another server on plots because I wanted to try and learn trad and its my way of learning. I didn't copy to steal credit and tell everyone it was built by me only. In fact, I posted a pic of it on the discord (knowing the actual builder was in it and would prolly see it) stating this: "its heavily inspired by another build from another server tho but i think it can learn from it". In my mind "heavily inspired" means copying so I thought I had made that clear. I get that you guys don't f around when it comes to copying and I respect that but I hope you will understand that I'm didn't do it with bad intentions. I'm sorry and I won't do it again. Have a nice day my fellow neighbours!