WoK Games Beta!

zoppp aCo-Owner posted Nov 7, 14

We are proud to announce that WoK Games has now entered a beta stage!

After 4 months of development, we are ready to open wok games to the public for testing. Please understand that this is a beta so there will be some bugs here and there and we would really appreciate that you report any bugs you find to our wok games forums or with "/bug" in game! We will reward bug reporters with 100 koins in game per bug, which you will be able to use for kits and items when WoK Games is out of beta!

How to play!

Go to the hub and select the compass that is in your hot bar. Right click it and a menu of different servers will come up! Select the minigame you want to play and then the lobby! Thats basically it!

Here are the game modes


40 player race to the center of the map

Players are divided into four teams and try to get to the center of the map first to break the block of obsidian. First team to break the obsidian wins!

Game Notes:
  • There is a 6 minute obsidian invincibility period where no team can break the obsidian. This is to give all teams a fair chance to build resources
  • There are ores and resources randomly generated in each island
  • You can build over to another team's base and break their spawn beacon which adds penalties to the other team.
Game Classes:


An intense 15 player PvP elimination

Your health is based on how much XP you have. Each players starts with 50 XP and two lives. With each hit ,you lose a life; lose two lives and you are eliminated. We have a wide selection of weapons and armor. make sure to configure a load out! More will be added later!

Games Notes:
  • Your hunger bar decays if you camp, make sure to engage in pvp to keep your hunger up.
  • After 3 mins pass, every player standing loses 5 levels every 10 seconds
  • After 5 minutes you lose 10 levels every 10 seconds
  • After 7 minutes, lava starts falling from the sky
  • Make sure to customize your classes
Game Items:
Primary Weapons

Special Weapons



A 20 player cops and robbers style game!

There are two teams, the cops and the hunted. Safezones will appear on the map.
The hunted team must make it to the safezone and the cops must catch the hunted.
At least 4 hunted must make it to the safezone for the hunted to win. If 4 don't make it
then the cops win! Your team wins by winning two rounds!

Game Notes:
  • Use the compass to guide you to your safezone.
  • Use koins to get special items to use each round!

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