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WoK builder application
Hello, I am Oscar/Ozzy, 15 year old, and from Bruges, Belgium.
I have been asked to build in Whiteport by Grizzly but I still have to apply to becoma a builder.
I mostly build traditional European architecture and I am passionate about my local architecture which I have made many projects on.
My latest completed project was Stalhille, it was a Flemish coutryside town and like all my current project pre WW1.
If I would get to be a builder, I would probably not start a huge project for the moment since I'm still building Ostend and I would rather finish it.
I would just build a bit in Whiteport.

My PMC account:

My Youtube channel:

My IGN: Ozzy_vda[Image: ?mid=&wid=51824&sid=&tid=7931&rid=LOADED...9367885191][Image: ?mid=&wid=51824&sid=&tid=7931&rid=BEFORE...9367885191][Image: ?mid=&wid=51824&sid=&tid=7931&rid=FINISH...9367885192][Image: ?mid=&wid=51824&sid=&tid=7931&rid=OPTOUT...9367885306][Image: ?mid=cd1d2&wid=51824&sid=&tid=7931&rid=M...9367885308][Image: ?mid=90f06&wid=51824&sid=&tid=7931&rid=M...9367885309][Image: ?mid=cd1d2&wid=51824&sid=&tid=7931&rid=M...9367885310][Image: ?mid=90f06&wid=51824&sid=&tid=7931&rid=M...9367885356]
Accepted. Message jodlum for your rank
Greatest of all time, best to ever do it

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