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[Updated] [world]-Phase-Out-Plan
Due to the high workload on the new map, which doesn't make it publicly available yet, we are moving the retirement date and therefore the download date of the [world] map. The map will retire at a later point as expected, most likely this spring. We still recommend to save your builds from the old map via the Three-Option-Plan which we are extending now until further notice.

The Staff Team is currently hard at work to develop ideas, concepts and guidelines for our new map, which will launch soon. As we have communicated earlier, the old [world]-Map will retire when the new map launches, but there will be a phase-out-period.

This will NOT affect the Grid World, the Plotworlds or the WoK2020 Map.


Dec 1: Start of phase-out-period.​​​​​​
From Dec 1, you are able to get your builds from the [world]-map saved. We are providing a Three-Option-Plan for this:
  1. Schematics - You will be able to save your builds as a schematic. Please use the following format for naming: /schem save playername2019buildname - For all builds that are saved as a back-up from world, we are making an exception to the Schematic-Rule, this means the file can be given out by request.
  2. Donor Plotworld - The easiest solution if you are Donor is to copy your old builds over to your Donor Plot.
  3. New Plot on Wok2020 - If you have found an appropriate plot for your old build from [world] in the newer WoK2020 world, you can copy it over there. Important: No floating builds, no builds outside of towns, no builds pasted without permission of town owner, no builds that do not fit it's new surroundings.
Dec 15: Release of [world] for download. This will be a free map-download.

Jan 1: End of Three-Option-Plan. [world] will only be available for touring.

Feb 1: [world] will be retired and therefore unloaded from the Creative Server.

We cannot wait to release our new map soon, which will be the best and most realistic WoK Creative Map of all time, by far.


How do I save schematics?

1. Select the area with your WorldEdit-Wand.
2. Do //copy on the block that you later want to be your c/p-point.
3. Do /schem save playername2019buildname - i.e. sylpDesign2019modernartgallery - Your schematics have to be in this format, otherwise we are not able to give them out by request.

To paste your schematic, do /schem load playername2019buildname and then //paste -a on your earlier selected c/p-point
sylp | creative manager | member since 2013 | head of uP

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