Perm ban
Username for mc. :LoN3Avalanche username for discord :Avalanche
Date of ban : 2020-11-5
Why I think I should be unbanked: I would really like to be unbanned because I really enjoy playing on the server and talking to community members. I’ve gotten along with everybody and never had an issue before but this was a big mistake on my part. I was alone in the server and I was talking to friends on discord, when I said I was gonna say some stuff in chat that I knew I wouldn’t be able to if others were on the server. It was very wrong of me to do such a thing and I will not cause anymore trouble on the server or on discord but I will say that I did not know that when you type in chat on the server, that it also goes on discord. I know what I did was wrong and I’m very ashamed of it and I understand why you would keep the punishment and I don’t deserve to be let back on the server, but I’m asking to please give me some sympathy because everybody makes mistakes.
Sincerely: Avalanche

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