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[Updated] Introducing Creative Levels
WoK Creative is proud to introduce our latest addition to the rank-system, Creative Levels. With this new system our ultimate goal is to reward fantastically skilled Builder+ from our community and get everyone even more motivated, excited about playing on the server and encouraged to do their best. With Creative Levels we can continue to be the World’s Leading Minecraft Server for Realistic Building. Levels will help to acknowledge everyone’s great work more than ever.

Launching Nov 1

As Creative Levels is a new addition to our rank system, there is a FAQ here to help you get to know Creative Levels better.

What is Creative Levels?
Creative Levels is a new system to reward fantastically skilled people from our community and to get everyone even more encouraged and excited.

What ranks get Creative Levels?
Creative Levels is exclusive to Builder+. For Builder+ we are introducing three Levels.

How do I achieve a higher Level?
Levels will be given out to reward fantastic builders. The Staff Team will regularly be monitoring the Level Status of each Builder+.

Who will decide what Creative Level I get?
Builder+ Level Challenges need to be decided by two staff members or more. 

What’s the difference between a Rank and a Creative Level?
The difference is simple. Rank Promotions are a further step forward in your development on the Creative Server and they come with more permissions. Levels are easier to achieve and are a simple way of showing your importance to the server and to diversify from other people with the same rank, who might not be on the same level yet. Our idea with Levels is to encourage everyone to do their best and reward that with a new Level Tag in-game - Promotions are always fun!

When will Creative Levels launch and what Creative Level will I be?
Creative Levels will launch Nov 1. All Builder+ will start with Level 1. Expect the first Level Promotions within a few days from the launch of Creative Levels.

I am currently Builder and looking forward to getting promoted to Builder+, how does that work?
The same way as before. When two staff members or more think you are ready for Builder+, you will be promoted to Builder+. You will start with Level 1 and then have the chance to level up all the way to Builder+ Level 3.

I am currently Builder+ and looking forward to getting promoted to AdvBuilder, how does that work?
The new requirement for an AdvBuilder Promotion is Builder+ Level 3. Three or more staff need to agree on assigning you an AdvBuilder-Challenge, which will consist of 2-3 Buildings.

How will Creative Levels be displayed in-game?
Creative Levels will be displayed as a pre-fix with nice colour adjustments.
i.e. [3][Builder+]N_F_G

What is the rank structure?
The rank structure keeps the same, but with added Levels to diversify specific ranks and encourage everyone to do their best to achieve a higher Level.

The Building Rank structure is Guest > Builder > Builder+ [Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3] > AdvBuilder 

The Community Rank structure is Trusted > Mod > Admin > Head Admin > Leadership

If there are more questions you’d like answered, just pm any staff member on discord.
sylp | creative head admin | member since 2013 | head of uP

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