Ban Appeal
  • Username for minecraft or for Discord - Ihsa (At the time of the ban, my username was TurtleJosh52)
  • Date of Ban - June 9th, 2020
  • Why should you be unbanned: Currently, I'm trying to find some good creative servers. Everything I find just loops back to here. I was banned toxicity, racism. I really didn't mean what I said, I was just bored and wanted to screw around on a server. I do realize that I should not do that, especially not on a server that I am now currently interested in playing on. I didn't mean to offend anyone, and I want to build on the server, without trolling or being toxic. I thought that the silly joke would be funny, but it really was not honestly. Just led to a few people getting annoyed. I don't like getting annoyed myself, so I don't know why I saw enjoyment out of other people's annoyance. I'm sorry for my behavior. I'd also like to add that the last ban appeal I submitted was not a serious appeal, but this one is.

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