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WoK Creative introduces all-new Community Project Map and improved Rank Structure
We are today announcing some exciting new changes to the creative server, covering three topics - Ranks, Maps and General changes.


Trusted rank direction has been unclear for the last few months and that’s why we decided to revamp the trusted rank from ground up. Trusted rank will now be seen as a junior staff rank and will gain more permissions as before. Due to this change in direction, some previous trusteds may have been put on a different rank - please know that we will recognise everyones effort and hard work and we will reward that in the future even more than ever.
AdvBuilder will get an upgrade - the Adv and Pro ranks will be merged and all will get the incredible benefits of Pro (full World edit).


We will soon announce an entirely new map for an exciting community project. WoK is planning to make the best, most impressive and realistic city with urban and rural areas in minecraft history. Available later this year.
The current Wok2020 will soon be open for Builder+ and up to make new towns or take over abandoned towns - this will help making the map even more attractive and giving the tool of town-making to even more people.
The world map will retire by the end of this year. Builds can and will be moved over to the newer maps. Details will be announced this fall.

Schematics will not be given out anymore, except for renders, social media inquiries or special exceptions (that needs multiple staff agreement).
Spout will take over development of the gorgeous WokFlows resource pack and lead the direction for the following versions for the years to come. Spout also joined the staff team as Mod today - welcome!
As you can see, we are hard at work and implement all the feedback we receive from each and everyone of you - thank you very much!
We have some exciting things in the pipeline for this winter and for 2021 and can’t wait to make WoK an even better, funnier, more exciting and inspiring place for all of us.
- Creative Staff Team + Leadership
sylp | creative head admin | member since 2013 | head of uP

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