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[Needs Improvement] Applying for Builder
Hey there! I am applying for the Builder Role i have been a huge lover of minecraft building ever since the indev state of minecraft, my skills have sharpened and i have skills in Organic Shapes, Buildings, Cars, Boats, Scenery, Mountain Ranges, Volcanos, Parks etc. you name it i could most likely build it! Big Grin ive been on the WoK server just as a guest for id say 6-7 years, ive seen the world evolve, i use to roam the server getting inspiration for citys i built and i would like to say it payed off and my building skills are pretty good Smile

Heres some screenshots

It would be my dream to help out on the server, i would be a proud hard working member if accepted thanks for consideration! Smile fyi i have dyslexia so sorry if my grammar is meh lol

Things about me, im 18 i have autism and i love minecraft lol. im obsessed with the fine details in my builds if i see somewhere that looks sorta blank i immediately go all ocd and add as much detail as possible

if you need more screenshots let me know and i will build some more i just started that world a few days ago and i just built my new computer so i dont have my old builds sadly
Hi! Thank you for applying for builder on the World Of Keralis Creative server!

I'm sorry to inform you that your builds are not what we are looking for at this time.
I highly suggest having a look around World Of Keralis Creative for an up to date look on our requirements and standards.
Also don't forget you can build on your own guest plot on the World Of Keralis Creative server to get live feedback on your creations!

Don't give up and keep on building!
Looking forward to your next application.

Kind Regards,


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