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[Accepted] Oldy reapplying.
Former B+, was gunning for Adv when went inactive.

I'm currently looking to explore using Minecraft as a spacial proving ground for a design which will ultimately be built IRL on a lot in northern Washington State.

Modern House 39 is mine, along with the hummer, motorcycle shop and some other junk on Keralis' YT.

Below is a small gallery of a two-year-long project I did in Plotworld using worldedit extensively. It is a replica of the Norman Lykes House in Phoenix designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, down to the interior and furniture which was famously designed for each of his houses.

[Image: 2HUWOSm.png]

I'm hoping to reclaim B+ to bear out some fresh ideas. Without Worldedit permissions, I cannot build quickly enough to make it feasible to return to WOK.

Trad Mansion and proof of B+:

You have been promoted to 'Builder' rank as you were previously B* and our procedure is that B+ on "old WoK" get back to Builder rank.
You cannot apply for b+ but make sure to show staff your builds to increase your chances of a promotion.

Good luck!
sylp | creative manager | member since 2013 | head of uP

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