me being banned
hi i'm not gonna be a nuisance to you guys so ill make this quick. I was banned recently on towny for "x-ray", i had been banned after finding 9 diamonds in a short amount of time, i can pronise i was not x-raying i was following the sound of lava, which is where diamonds usually spawn. if i were to be un banned i would only really go on creative as i would like to see the builds and maybe apply, if im not unbanned its ok ill just wait my 30 days Smile. anyway thank you for reading this.
Dear de_salty_,

After reviewing your punishment with the staff member who banned you (FlipFlopp) and looking at available evidence, we have decided to keep your ban in place. Flip has substantial experience with enforcing our rules and was convinced from what he saw that you were in fact xraying. I reviewed the evidence available and agree with Flip.

The tunnels you dug were in seemingly random directions and each lead directly to diamonds. Overall you found 9 diamonds in 7 minutes as seen here:

Here is a screenshot showing the path taken and where diamonds were located:

Despite this, your ban has been reduced from 30 days to 1 week - the typical first offense punishment for xray. Punishments escalate for each subsequent offense so be sure not to offend again in the future. We're looking forward to seeing you back in 5 days 18 hours from the time of this posting!

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