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sully1602 - Demotion
Hello sully1602,

You have been demoted on the creative server from builder to guest for plagiarism, this was decided by three members of the staff team.
You copied a build by Flex, added a tree and changed two or three blocks and claimed it as a remake of yours - this is not allowed!

If you want to earn builder back, you will have to re-apply with your OWN buildings, no interpretations or remakes or whatever by a different player.

If you feel this is not right, you can make a demotion appeal in the correct forum and the correct layout.

sylp | creative head admin | member since 2013 | head of uP
Hello sully1602,

you have been repromoted to builder after successful re-application, checked by a member of staff.

Please do not plagiarise builds anymore, if it happens again, it will lead to a ban.
sylp | creative head admin | member since 2013 | head of uP

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