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Suggestion: The Return Of Trading Cards
For older players, its quite clear what this is, but I'll go into it for the newer members of the community.

How it worked is that you could buy "packs of trading cards in spawn for ingame money and receive a few cards. These were printed on the maps and there were 15-20 to collect in each series. Once you had collected them all you received a special forum tag and some other things (if I remember right). It was great fun and a good way to spend the extra money that people have later on in the map. It also made people want to grind money to get more packs as well.

This is a picture of the old ones:
[Image: bc5nJXR.jpg]

I've spoken to a couple of people and it seems to be a popular idea, so I've redesigned them with current staff members. (the picture at the bottom of the post only has some staff but if this goes ahead then I can make all of the staff and anyone else staff require for this to work).
Is this something that you think should be brought back. I mentioned it in a previous post but just realised I never made this one like I said I would.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

[Image: 2020-05-09_12.37.59.png]

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