Facemonster's Ban appeal #2
IGN: Facemonster11

Reason for ban: Hacked client

Time: 30 days

Banned by: yorkie 

Why I should be unbanned: Hey again I am here today to appeal for my ban on were I used a hacked client on your server I understand you found that my last appeal so quick and rash and I dident prepare myself and dident mean what I said so I am here today to ask you once more for an unban on your server because I am very sorry for what I did I regret doing what I did  and it wont happen again what I did was stupid and dumb and just wasent needed at all I will never come onto the server again with a hacked client again I take 100% responsibility for my actions I am sorry what I did I really miss playing on the server and speaking to the community and now I am paying the price for what I did as I said earlier I regret this so very much because I am bored as fuck and have nothing else to do at the moment my time on the server was very short but yet very fun I think the staff members are doing a great job and I am looking forward to coming back to the server and playing once again im sorry for what I did and I give you my word that I will not do this again.
First appeal already denied. 

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