Facemonster's Ban appeal
IGN: Facemonster11

Reason for ban: Hacked client

Time: 30 days

Banned by: yorkie 

Why I should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I am very sorry for hacking on this server. I used speed hacks because I lost all my stuff my doing /warp spleef and I was Anoyed about it and I was trying to get my stuff back quicky and I know this is not an exuse for hacking and I promis this will never happen again I hope you can take my appeal into consideration and have me unbanned because I am enjoying my time on the server and having a lot of fun again I am sorry about what happend and I hope this can be forgoten
Hello facemonster11,

Your ban appeal has been denied. Typically, it is rare for someone who used a hacked client on the server to be unbanned so quickly. You made your appeal pretty much right after you were banned, which leads us to believe you either spent little time on your appeal or maybe you had even had it prepared before hand, overall just making the whole thing seem not so sincere. Hopefully if you do decide to come back you have learned your lesson and will comply with server rules in the future.

WoK Towny Staff

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