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[Needs Improvement] Builder application
Hello. I'd love to share my builds and view the masterpieces of other players. And this community seems perfect for it. Here are some pictures of my most recent projects:, my preferred styles are modern and post- apocalyptic. Username: Mineflo11
Hi Mineflo!

Thanks for applying!
Based on what I’ve seen, I can tell you’ve got a well rounded diverse knowledge of different styles and scales. I would refrain a little from the abstract type apocalyptic builds on the server, and instead focus on more realistic buildings.

I really like your apartment building and the stark house! They’re very cool looking and I like the design. I’d like to see the stark house finished and interior of the apartment building as your 2 completed builds, since the weapons don’t really qualify for the application.

Just reapply with some more pics and I can’t wait to see them!

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