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Towny PvP Tournament
Hello World of Keralis!

I am excited to announce that the Towny server will be hosting yet another PvP tournament! In this tournament all gear will be provided to the player, and each fight will be 1v1. To sign-up for the tournament simply reply here on this thread that you'd like to join or message me @Yorkie or any member of Towny staff on our discord. You could even message any Towny staff or myself in-game if you see us online. Sign-ups for the tournament will end on Thursday, the 21st of May at 11:59PM United States Eastern Standard Time. The tournament will start on May 22nd and could last multiple days depending on the availability of participants. Once sign-ups end I will post the bracket and have each fight let me or any towny staff know what time works best for the both of them (This is to ensure as many fights as possible are fought). The tournament will not last longer than 5 days, so if someone is unable to find a time to fight their opponent in that time frame, their match will be forfeit. Any questions feel free to post here on this forum post or any of the other contact points mentioned above.

Sincerely, Yorkie, WoK Towny Staff Smile
FlipFlopp will win, you heard it here first Wink

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