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[Perm Ban] Northstream
Hello Northstream,

you have been permanently banned on the server and discord (considering five active warnings, multiple previous bans on server and discord, several mutes and kicks before and quite literally begging for a ban) for inappropriate language, swearing, staff and server founder disrespect, homophobia and not contributing anything except drama and toxicity to the server.

You know for what you have been previously banned, here's proof for the last chance you had but sadly didn't follow the rules, once again.

If you feel this is not right, you can make a ban appeal in the correct forum and format.
sylp | creative head admin | member since 2013 | head of uP
I begged for the ban and I can back that;

I am not in any way a homophobe though. I just happen to know that homophobic slurs are a shortcut out of the server via bans (which was what I was trying to achieve). In other words, what I say to intentionally earn me bans does not represent my personal beliefs; I believe that all human beings are born and remain equal. I'm fine with most of the (false) impressions people have of me, but I am not a homophobe and I don't want the community to think I am one.

This is in no way an appeal; it is just me trying to clarify my stance in questions people seem to think I have discriminatory views in.

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