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[Accepted] Creative Builder Application
Hey there! My name is Tolia! 

I would like to be considered for a builder position on the new World of Keralis server! 
I've long admired the proficiency and standards upheld by the heritage of the server's community.
Most would describe me as detail oriented, highly adaptive, and creatively original. 
So I've taken this opportunity to claim a guest plot, and attached some examples of my work below.

Thank you very much for your consideration! 

Clifftop Home:

Guest Plot Build:

Small Minimal House:
Hi Tolia!

Thank you for applying! After going through your builds, I am liking what I’m seeing! In terms of the guest plot build, that one seems a little over detailed and unrealistic for it to make sense on our server. The two modern builds were pretty well rounded however, and I really liked the exterior design on the cliff top home! You still have a couple things to tweak, but I think you’ve got the right concepts and it’s clear you are excited to join the team and become a part of the community!

Welcome to the builder team! I’m excited to see what you will build in any of our many towns! Good luck and have fun!

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