[Tempban] Harmori
  • Player Name: Harmori
  • Ban Length: 7 Days
  • Minecraft or Discord: Minecraft
  • Ban Offense: Griefing
Hello! I was temporarily banned because Vinny told WoK staff I had more involvement in the Forst griefing situation than I did. Vinny said I "was the mastermind behind it" and "I invited him to build", meaning inviting him to grief. Both of these claims are false.
1. I didn't tell anybody to build.
2. The first picture shows I asked Vinny IF he built. Not asking him to build.

The people who griefed were actually Para, Tasmanian, Lappiss. The only involvement in this incident is I changed the grass to dirt. Thats it. Although I started building the crane, Lappiss took over right when I started. If he didn't I most likely would have given up and deleted it since I can't build cranes.

I had 0% involvement in the fire, UFO, police, any of the vehicles, toilet papering, egging, paintballing, etc... Only the grass, and base of the crane.
(You can even check with /co i)

Furthermore, shown in the second screenshot, I told Para to stop griefing because when the house was starting to look like that and the house itself was getting griefed, I knew that it was wrong. When Sylp and TheEvilEnderman logged in, they saw it, and laughed (It wasn't their fault btw they thought it was my house...) I stopped telling them to stop at that point because I thought that I was wrong and Para was allowed to do that, which now I know wasn't the case.

I don't think it's fair that I got banned for 7 days for replacing grass with dirt. If asked to fix it I 100% would have within that minute. I thought replacing the grass was okay because I wanted to claim the plot when it was deleted but I now realize that's not the case. I also told them to stop when it was getting too the extreme and I would never grief somebody else's build. I work hard on my builds and I wouldn't want anybody griefing me.

Thank you for your consideration.  Tongue

As you showed proof and we can see you were not as heavily influenced as others in the action and warned people about causing more harm, your punishment has been lowered to a three day temporary ban, that means Yyou will gain back access to the server in 24 hours from now on.

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