Banned and demoted
Hello, this is Samiboi77. I have been unfairly and ridiculously demoted from the server and banned. My builds have been deemed not up to the standards for the rank of builder. I beg to differ. 
Here is a list of my great builds on WOK
High School: located in De Carlo
Bank: one in qtown and one in my current town I Was building
Library: in my town
Trumper Heights buildings: Union city 
Old Chicago Tribune building: Union City
rug store: qtown
apartment complex: qtown
chick fil a: my town
Grocery store and store chain: my town
Movie theatre: my town and qtown
old American house: 134 avenue
two more houses: Union city
train: vehicle grid

I have many many builds that clearly proves I should have never been demoted.
I was never given a formal warning on my builds. No one emailed me or warned me that my builds were not up to the standards of the server. I do not believe Spitmaster calling a build crap counts as a warning considering he tells everyone that and that is just the laid back atmosphere. 

I was randomly demoted twice without warning. I was told Staff reviewed my status as someone didn't like my builds. I was also told that everything was okay and that after review they determined my builds were good. 
Now I have been banned out of the blue and have been treated very disrespectfully, being told that all my builds are bad and my town is bad. I'm all for constructive criticism, but given totality of circumstance clearly something more is going on. I like this server and I have invested a lot in this server, building on here consistently for a believe over a year now. I don't want to come across as a crybaby who can't accept not being good enough. But I know and truly believe that my work is good enough, and that this is messed up. 

It makes no sense to demote someone who already has many builds on the server verifying his skill level. 

thank you
I've personally warned you twice before, /msg and /mail you about your build quality and you chose to ignore me and TCL both times. Then came to see what you have added since and the quality has gone done tremendously. I also had 3 other staff members agree with me for almost a month on your demotion and the entire server told you last night you are not up to standard. You skill level is not what we're looking for and frankly I do not know who even accepted you to begin with. Re-apply for builder on the forums or take up some guest plots. 

Also no one banned you, you we're tempmuted for 2 hours for fighting/arguing with Staff including myself and TCL insulting our own builds, like I didn't make the server's new hub.
Hello samiboi77, I do acknowledge you have some builder worthy builds, but you also had many builds that staff deemed not builder worthy. At this time we had felt that the builds that were demotable worthy outweighed the builder-worthy builds. I can assure you that all completed builds will not be deleted. For now the builds in progress will be okay as long as you do not go inactive for long periods of time.

Regarding some of your statements and claims, staff sent you multiple messages throughout the week asking for you to fix your builds. I was even on the night carlosmith sent you a msg saying that you had one more build to prove yourself. You ignored all staff messages until you were demoted. You were also not banned, but tempmuted for 2 hours after your comments to staff after demotion. To me it seemed that you did not care what staff had to say until after you were demoted. 

If you feel insulted for being demoted, then please build on the guest plots to prove that you are builder standard. Guest plots offer the same/more WE than builder and that would be a great way to show staff that you are worthy of your rank back. At WOK we are a community looking to build to the best of our abilities. We understand some players need time to grow and learn but your refusal to learn or grow as a builder in the months you've been on has led to this ultimate decision.

Once again I apologize but your demotion appeal has been declined.
- Tommys, Creative Head-Admin
I am curious to know what builds are deemed not builder worthy. And what builds specifically out weigh my good ones. And sending messages is not an appropriate way to warn someone of their builder status. I do not look at the chat often when I build. I have a relatively busy life so the free time I have to come on and build I don't spend looking at the chat. If you wanted to warn me of my status you should have mailed me. I check my mail consistently when I go on. If you message someone throughout the week the message, at least from what I know, cannot be viewed later on. 
And for a short time I was indeed banned as it sent me to the lobby saying I was banned. I was shortly after unbanned. 
I really would like to know who on this server has a bone to pick with me considering the last time I was randomly demoted and told staff had to review my builds one of the staff members said someone didn't like my builds. So it truly amazes me the strange political atmosphere going on here where someone can just attack another builder until they are demoted. 

I do not believe any of this bs can be blamed on me as I would have fixed whatever builds staff found issue with if they would have warned me in an appropriate manor that I would be sure to get back to. and you know that in the past I have fixed my builds when you found issue with them. simply observe the high school, which I was warned was not up to standard so I worked with other builders and fixed it. So in fact I do care what the server has to say and I am more than willing to cooperate. But I am sure you can see my frustration being demoted once, remoted, told I was in review, demoted again, then told that I was up to standard and remoted. 

so I would reconsider your decision on my demotion. thank you
Carlos you can take you comment and shove it. Why don't you go ahead and prove that you sent mail because I had 12 messages in my mail non of which were from you or tcl. Are you accusing me of lying? the entire server did not agree with you. Plenty of people were wondering why I was demoted. Not even close. You a are very disrespectful. There is really no reason for you to jump into this thread other than to stick it to me. This server should be ashamed to have you on it. My skills are a million times better than yours and frankly I don't care what someone such as yourself has to say about it. 

and yes I was briefly banned. I was kicked into the lobby and it literally said I was banned so no need to disagree with everything I say. The only person I was really arguing with was tcl. 
Im seriously done with people like you and whoever else wants to treat people on the server like this.
Clearly nothing is going to get done out of this except arguing.

You may re-apply using /warp guest.

Thread closed.
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