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[Promoted] Builder Application
My username is catman_ (Once upon a time it was Catman330). Many years ago I was actually a builder on WoK, but then actually moved to UTB (I cannot remember the reason why, but I'm sure it wasn't worth it) where I worked my way up to a staff member, and finally decided to leave after I could see clearly that that place was a cesspool. I then became too busy for minecraft, as my real life studies in architecture and design at college demanded my time (as it still does), but now that coronavirus has screwed with the university structure, I may have more free time on my hands to pursue what I used to love doing--building and designing in minecraft. 

Annyywayys, I always knew that if I came back to the virtual building world, I'd fall back on WoK, as I could count on its consistency and resilience. So here I am, applying to become part of the community once more! I've built many things in my time, but sadly have little to no documentation of such, so I hope that these two examples are enough of a taste of what I do. Thank you.

Azure - A house I built on your plotworld in the present

Oasis - A dated home I built a while back, but hopefully still holds up to consideration

Thank you for your time,

~ cat.

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