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[Promoted] Application
Hello my name is Smikkel I was a builder on WoK about a year ago for a short while untill the server reset. I noticed that I lost my rank when I logged on recently and that I had been set back to guest. So I asked around the server and was told that my best bet would be to apply again. I am aware that my builds might be a bit outdated compared to more recent builds on the server but mine are some older builds because sadly I have not focused on building recently due to my personal life getting in the way. I however would like to get back into building on the server as it brought me a lot of joy in the past.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me, Smikkel.
(Smikkelbeer6320 in game)
Hey Smikkel, I found old logs of your name with builder-rank on the server, so I re-promoted you. As you said, the quality of the builds you applied with doesn't entirely meet 2020's high standards, but there is potential. If the quality does not improve, staff still have the ability to demote, but I don't think it will go that far.

Good Luck and have fun on "your old server"!
sylp | creative manager | member since 2013 | head of uP

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