Sauroops appeal.
Hi WoK community.

I'll be honest, I know I did some awful stuff a couple of years back and I know it's not very forgivable. I also know I'd developed a reputation for being annoying and dickish, which I know is a huge understatement.

For some reason today I was thinking about the many hours I spent on the network and wondered what it was like now. I checked out the website and it looks great!

I guess what I'm asking is to draw a line in the sand and be able to jump on the server ever now and again. I wouldn't be a regular player as I have other commitments but I'd love to have the option of using WoK for downtime again like I did when I first joined the community many years ago.

Thanks for reading,

(If there's anyone about still from my day, say hi) ?
Hey Adam, we have decided to give you one last chance. Don't screw it up. 

Welcome back.

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