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WOK In Need of a Change
Hello, I used to play on WOK towny back in the 1.7 - 1.9 days. Back when it was popular and Teleios was by far the best nation. I suggest switching the update to 1.8 because nobody wants to play on the newest version. You would get more player immediately. And you have nothing to lose because it can't get much more worse than it is now.

Hello, I'm afraid most of our player base prefers the newer Minecraft versions. 
I myself loved 1.8 days, but times changed. Our new players didn't like the pvp aspect we had from before (veterans), and with new Minecraft, comes a lot more variations such as blocks, mobs and you name it.
I assume you’re referring to the combat system, since it’s still the same good ol’ Minecraft, except more things to do.
Personally I would love to have some raids and PvP action going, and I know some people like it aswell. We would love to see you come on and maybe you can help us with any ideas on how to improve for both worlds?
Hey TheYungBulet

I too have been on for years (2011 joined) I had fun back in the 1.8 pvp days but much prefer the new combat mech. When we rebooted WoK we did have combat on 1.8. Lot of OG's dropped by but didn't stay. New players and other returning players did NOT want the old combat as it F's up new mob mechanics and causes other play issues.

We had a vote on Discord and it was decided by all the active players that we would support updating to current gameplay mechanics. I would urge you to give the new mechanics another stab. With crossbows, tridents and new enchantments ... it is unbalanced to have swords old combat with no shields just so some OGs can spam click and use autoclickers.

So either we stay old and die (running a pure 1.12 server with old combat and no new players) or we keep up with the times and enjoy the evolution of MineCraft. Soon we will have a 3rd combat system and then pvp players will be devided 3 ways on what combat system to support... No winning / pleasing everyone sadly. Better to grow and learn and except the future. Least in my opinion.

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