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[Accepted] I would like to apply to get my rank back as a builder on the WoK Sever.
My name is Abby, my username is GayPalmtree (yes you can laugh at my username). On the old server, I applied, and was accepted as a builder, and I would like to apply to reobtain my old Rank. My old username used to be GracefulMiles. WoK is my favorite server because I can express my own creativity publicly. Below are two links to Imgur posts I made of some of my builds.

1. There is something to note about this first post. The first pictures are all from 1-4-2020 (tonight), and starting at the tutor style home, are some builds I have from 2018. I decided to include them because they are some of the builds that were in my original application which got me accepted. All of the photos with my skin in them are from today. These are both my own single player maps. The 2018 photos include buildings in a small community I began building but never finished on a super-flat world. The 2020 photos are of a city I am currently working on, in a regularly generated map, with terraforming. Little to no world edit was used (mainly in just terraforming the world flatter in the 2020 works).

2. This is the original link I sent with my first application which got me accepted (includes only the 2018 builds).

I hope you guys like my work! I would love to become a builder on the WoK again!!
Your builds look pretty good. Although two suggestions I can give you:
1. Don't try to over-detail your facades - often less is more. Less buttons, less stairs, less signs, etc.
2. I'd focus entirely on trad, not on modern - your modern build wouldn't have got you accepted, but the trad looks pretty decent and I think you have potential!

Gratulations on Builder, once again.

sylp | creative manager | member since 2013 | head of uP

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