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[Needs Improvement] Builder application
this is my other world, with (in my opinion) more detailed and realistic buildings. It is newer so it should be xd. However I built it with out shader pack. I hope that it doesn't matter. 

On pictures you can see:
Hospital --> it is fully developed, with all interiors and sections 
Main square --> Town hall 
Minor streets --> cinema, hotel, etc.

New town

My older post
I greatly respect the effort on making both of these huge builds. However, while I like the ideas and planning behind the towns, the detailing is just too outdated for me to be able to accept you right now. Things are a tad cluttered on the traditional builds, with too many unrealistic lines and shapes. The modern is just fairly outdated. Sorry it didn't work out for you, and I'd encourage you to practice more and reapply in the future.

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