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[Needs Improvement] Builder Application
Hi! My name is Andrei (I'm from Romania - You can call me Andrew) and I want to become a builder on this community.

IGN = Remy1738

Here is what I can do (I can build much more things than that):

The Locomotive is inspired from a lot of designs, I just combined them to make something original
The Tanker Railcar is fully designed by me.

I'm `specialized` in Industrial Vehicles (specifically trains, but I can do Trucks and others without any problem), Buildings and Places. I think World of Keralis need some industrial things since the map contains a lot of residential and urban stuff.

Hope is enough Smile
These are looking good, but we're not a server dedicated to vehicles, so we do need to see some examples of houses. If you could try and produce a traditional style house or something of that nature and reapply then I'd definitely consider it.

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