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Ranks for the die hards.
Hey hey

As we might all know; ranks / kits / etc are not returning to Towny.

I was hoping we could start a constructive conversation about how we could have something for all the time and support we as the player base have shown.  And yes I have read and re-read the EULA.

My first idea would be to have a system that uses number of years played as a badge next to your name in the TAB list. 

Or have a badge that represents the year you joined WOK

It would be nice to have something (even cosmetic) to honor the time players have devoted to this community.

Just my two cents worth.
Personally, i think something that's in-game that you can rank up with money like doing /rankup gives you cosmetic items, therefore it's not pay2win as every player can achieve this.
Charging money for in-game advantages is against the EULA; server owners and player communities (like ours) need to find creative ways to provide "perks" to players that are freely available to all players (No real money for in-game advantage)

Some servers (that operate on the enjin network) use voting coins (obtained by voting for the server (which every player can) duh) and allow those coins to not only buy / trade with custom villagers to get items with higher enchants or with multiple enchants that are usually mutually exclusive (like a bow with infinity and mending).

Additionally voting coins can be saved up to buy ranks that come with kits or addition sethomes etc...  Don't know if those ideas would work on WOK Towny or if alternative ideas can be put forth.

I know that a number of players (me included) are upset about not maintaining our ranks...  It would be nice to have a cosmetic (something) to indicate ones rank (or number of years played / join order numbering in stats / etc...)

Again I know this is an issue that is being discussed by server runners (on WOK and many other minecraft servers) and wanted to start a thread to get anyone else's input to further the discussion.
Honestly, i like the idea of the voting system. Last map the vote crates were awfull and not worth voting for at all. 

Also, i'm fully for the idea of showing off badges next to our name saying what year we joined.
What about nicknames? Because I really miss my legend rank letting me name myself Pandito Bandito! Tongue
Currently the Legend voting rank allows you to be nicknamed by staff. Just ask a staff member when you reach that rank Shy

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