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Stuff i think should be added
for the /jobs i think there should be a job that makes money from cooking food (Potato, Steak, Pork, ect)

Make town assistant have more perks, let them invite people to the town, access all land (claimed or unclaimed), allow them to /t claim

Add a Co-Mayor rank, They have all perks of assistant but also have more, like access to the town bank, /t unclaim, /t kick (player)

13Jar02 - Nerf MCMMO 

Make sugarcane 0.50c in the shop as it's to low at 0.20c 

Disable tridents in pvp 

Fix the end portal

Make PVP weekends (not sure if there is or not)

Allow nations to go to war (not sure if there is)

13Jar02 - "I was on a server which had a better pvp system, where in a town with no pvp, people from other towns could still fight" He wants that added

Also, add that old thing we used to have where you would throw chicken eggs and mobs / npcs and it would make them into an egg (Eg: Zombie spawn egg)
Hey to all;
Here is my response to the above and is just my two cents worth...

The jobs idea sounds ok to me.  Don't know who would implement such a thing...

The towny ranks have always seamed lacking... maybe a good idea to assign perms the mayor choses to ranks.  Then you can have co-mayor with perms you assign.  Or create different ranks of residents.

MCMMO should be left alone IMO.  Including all the pvp uses!  I am grinding out my rpg skills in mcmmo and if pvp portion of it is removed... what’s the point of having mcmmo at all.  No nerf.  Uninstall it if 13Jar02 is running the server.

sugarcane and bamboo and melons and pumpkin can be zero tick farmed and should have no sale value.  But .20 sounded good.
NO NOT DISABLE any of the new weapons in pvp please!  Its bad enough myself and others have to suffer the old and tired combat mechanics without losing anything else.  Plus, sweeping edge should be allowed.  I vote for full 1.14 features.

My town is PVP 24/7 so PvP weekends sound fine and brings in more players.

13Jar02 should plead their own case.  I understand 13Jar02 not wanting their victims to have a safe place to run... but I disagree with this idea.

NO mob eggs IMO!  Why have them?  Other then to tempt players to reprogram spawners and get banned.  “So am I to walk around with a stack of 64 Withers that I can spam around the world or use on someone's town?”  NO no NO no  Plead your case; but spawn eggs are creative mode.  I would like some structure blocks and a command block or two if we are having spawn eggs.  Decoration purposes.  LoL

Sorry for the counter rant...
I do think we should add back the bottle of enchanting command btw just to add my random 2 cents
The only reason i want spawn eggs is because i want to make a villager farm @ m town but there is no village near by, therefore i have to boat them over taking numerous hours
I would be happy to move two over for you if it means not having spawn eggs.... besides capture a zombie villager and convert (so better a deal for trading anyway)
I like the idea of allowing mayors to assign permissions to ranks, but I don't know how feasible that is with the towny plugin. 

Also, can you explain the zombie villager thing? Do you get a zombie to infect a villager so that it follows you back to your base?
I was suggesting you find a naturally spawned Zombie villager near where you need them and convert them as Trades are more OP with a converted villager.

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