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[Accepted] Builder Application, Possible Redemption?
Hello again,

CVTY here. I am back and very hopeful. I wanted to preface that I am not an Interior Designer so my focus is the architecture but WoK staff requested that I post interiors as well, so here I am. Also all imgur posts contain a link to a video tour of the building that pertains to each post. Also I was asked to look at real life so house three is my take on a real life concept and reference pictures will be posted as well. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

                                                                                       Best wishes and much hope, CVTY

House #1:

House #2:

house #3:
House one looking good. House 2 not so much and house 3 is ok. Interior is builder standard Id say. You will improve once you are building on the server and take inspiration and feedback from others. 

Congrats on builder!
We die a life long


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