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[Promoted] Builder Application
Good afternoon,

My in-game name is Crezn. I am a member on the server Builders Refuge and moreover, I am a staff at AmberstoneDream, a server in which Keralis has reviewed builds on. I am applying in hopes of being able to build some here for fun and help with some copying between servers I am hearing about from members of the WOK server.

Would love to contribute to the server and help anyway I can! 

Oldest build B.R.

SmileFollowing are my most recent from Amberstone and recommended for this application Big Grin - Suburbia style home (next to the one Keralis viewed on the Amberstone server) - Modern Down town High rise - Paris themed build for fun. -Wolfe Howle Winery (Cliff side Winery)

Your friend,
Your traditional buildings look good to me. Your modern could use some work but you can improve that on the server - thats a yes, welcome!
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