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Application World Of Keralis

I'm Tice and I am looking to join another building server since the last server I was building on died out, I have 4 years of professional building experience.
I also got asked by numerous build teams to join, didn't accept due to lack of time to build. In this post you can find a link to my best and biggest build: Peles Castle, this is a recreation of an irl castle in Romania called "Peles". This project took me over 2 years + and is still not completely finished. You can also find a PMC post to a second build if the first build does not show my experience enough.

Imgur :


Thank you for reviewing this application and I am looking forward to build on this server.
the recreation looks really good. Also the house on your pmc page does. I think you are good to go so welcome to the server Smile
Ill put you on the promotion list. Just need you IGN. I think I saw you on the server without the 1 as i but Im not sure.
We die a life long


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