Jar Appeal
Recently I got permanently banned for walking around staff world for the 3rd or 4th time. I believe this is just an overreaction as it was just a sight seeing tour and putting some souvenirs in my echest (they can't be carried over to the regular world anyway.) 
I do apologize to Wmmsi for wasting your time and betraying your trust.

I also want to say I am very not sorry for any " bullying " I may have done over the past years. Back when I joined the server this playful banter was what kept me staying. Nowadays you break a tree and abduct a dog you get insta reported lol.

Love Jar.

PS, Steel I want to vote for things that affect me. Because this server affects me, most personally.

Your ban appeal has been received and staff are reviewing it. 
Once we have made a decision we will post our response.


Staff have discussed and decided to reduce your Permanent Ban to 3 months (90 days).  You have served 30 days thus far, and your ban will be lifted 60 days from now.

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