Ban Appeal
Minecraft Username: Yorkie

Date of ban: 04/15/2021

     Hello. It was been over a year since I was banned. I am truly sorry for my actions, and I apologize deeply to all the people I may have hurt. I should be unbanned because this server is my home on Minecraft, without it I don't even really play the game and it's just not fun to me unless I'm on here. I've moved onto other games to try and keep my time occupied, since so much of it used to be spent on this server. While I do enjoy other games now, there is apart of me that still misses Minecraft, and especially this server. I will never forgot all the countless memories I have made playing on here. It was a blessing to have found this place, and it only breaks my heart to know that I could be stupid enough to get myself banned. I am here to again, ask for forgiveness, and to hopefully have a chance to play on here once again. I really feel like I belong in the Keralis community, and without it, I just do not feel as whole as I once did, almost as if apart of me has gone missing. Those are the main reasons I can think of as to why I should be unbanned. I've helped a lot in the past on this server as staff too, and it was an experience I'll never forgot. I'm glad to have been able to be so involved, especially in a community of people that I have known for years on end. Please take time to consider my ban appeal. Everyone makes mistakes. I know I have made a lot of them, and some of them are pretty big mistakes, but I am living and learning. I'm an adult now but to be honest I still act like a child. There's just a apart of me that can't grow up and every now and then it comes out. I have been working on myself for a while now and truly believe I have bettered myself and that I am ready to re-enter this community. I don't have much else to say, and I don't want to make this really long, even though I feel like I can never write enough to explain myself and my situation. Thank you if you've read this all, I really do appreciate it. 

-Sincerely, Yorkie
Hi Yorkie

Your ban appeal has been received and staff are reviewing it. 
Once we have made a decision we will let you know.


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